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Meet your USTNAAI
UST Nursing Alumni Association Inc. (USTNAAI)

President                   Inocencia Ida S. Tionko '70

VP Internal Affairs     Rouena Villarama '80

VP External Affairs    Edgar Zaragoza '80
Secretary                   Rowena Escolar- Chua '93
Assist. Secretary       Valerie Meryse Gan '07
Treasurer                   Rolisa Almario '98
Assist. Treasurer       Wendy Acevedo 
PRO                            Hazel Tan '14
Auditor                       Coleen Castaneda '97
Director                      Mila Delia Llanes '79
Ex- Officio Member   Dean Susan Maravilla '78
NOMELEC                  Dennis Cuadra
Spiritual Director       Fr. Paul Factora, O.P. '95

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Outside the Philippines?

UST Nurses Association International (USTNAI)

USTNAI is a professional, charitable, educational, religious and civic organization and   a unifying force for all nursing organizations of UST outside the Philippines.

Update your Alumni Information

Office for Alumni Relations (OAR) Alumni Information System

The OAR offers online registration for all Thomasians, in preparation for an alumni ID application.

PRC Online

Philippine Professional Regulation Commission Website

PRC offers an online appointment system and updates on the CPD requirements for license renewals

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 Share their inspiring story.

They might just be the next TOTAL Awardee.


THE OUTSTANDING THOMASIAN ALUMNI (TOTAL) Award is the highest honor bestowed by the University of Santo Tomas (UST) and the UST Alumni Association, Inc. (USTAAI) upon the Thomasian Alumni, in recognition of their significant and exemplary contribution to the society and the Church.

The conferment of the TOTAL Award commenced in 1993 and continued as as an annual event until 2009, when the University and the UST Alumni Association, Inc. agreed to grant the Award every other year. Through the years, TOTAL has continued to draw inspiration from all stakeholders of the Thomasian community, as it likewise inspires the Thomasian students, the future Alumni and Alumnae of the University, towards the pursuit of excellence in their academic as well as spiritual and moral formation.

We are constantly on the look-out for Thomasian Nurses who embody excellence and heart in their chosen career path. 

If you know someone worthy of recognition, you can share their story in two ways. 

  1. EMAIL us using the form below, or send word to

  2. TAG us on Facebook using the hashtags #USTNursingAlumni and #ExcellenceAndHeart


Contact or Visit Us


Thomasian Alumni Complex

Buenaventure Garcia Paredes, OP Building

University of Santo Tomas,

España Boulevard, Manila, Philippines 1015

Tel Nos.      (+632) 4061611 loc. 8362

Telefax       (+632) 7315738



Credentials Request Form​ (PDF)

Present this form to Ms. Josie at the Dean's office before heading to the Main Building Accounting office for payment. Ms. Josie must verify that you have all you need depending on the application you are pursuing. 

Out of the country? Fill out the form, email it to a representative who can visit the office. Pls. ensure proper endorsement and identification so your request can be processed. 

Need your transcript and diploma? These university credentials must be applied for separately through the Office of the Registrar. A representative may file a request on your behalf. If you are requesting for documents from both Registrar and the College, we suggest you do the following: 


A. Visit the College first, and have the credentials form verified. 

B. Proceed to Window 1 of the Registrar's office for the Transcript/ Diploma request forms.

C. Pay dues at the accounting office. 

D. Return the request form stamped "Paid" to the Registrar's corresponding window. 

E. Return to the Nursing Office and leave the request form. 

How long does it take to process requests from the Office? Usually 3-5 business days. We may encounter delays due to suspension of work and classes or mandated University events. 

How much do the forms cost? How much is UPS Mailing fee? The above form details the cost of each documentary requirement. Some other requirements like bound copies of syllabi or course materials may cost more. If you need credentials sent direct from the school using tracked courier services, standard UPS mailing fee is at Php 1,700.00.



Thanks! Message sent.

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