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our students have the opportunity

 to Explore the World


The College of Nursing External Linkages Programs offer an avenue for partnerships and collaborations with international and local institutions of higher education and other organizations around the globe. It fosters the development of various activities related to improving nursing education, through faculty and student mobility programs, research, and other teaching-learning activities.  

UST’s aim is to prepare the students for a role in the global arena of ideas and work. It envisions to create a University community in which cross-cultural and international knowledge, attitudes, experiences and actions are part of the present and become a tradition and a heritage of the future. It is therefore necessary to build and strengthen programs that will facilitate students’ mobility, help them develop cross-cultural competencies, and have respect for cultural, ethnic diversity and religious tolerance.  

Tottori College of Nursing, Japan
Tottori College of Nursing, Japan
Canberra University, Australia
Global Immersion Program
Global Immersion Program
Global Immersion Program
Global Immersion Program
Global Immersion Program
Oita University, Japan
Global Immersion Program
Canberra University, Australia
Tottori Nursing, Japan


The College of Nursing welcomes local and international academic, professional and community-building partnerships. 

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  • Duke University School of Nursing
    North Carolina, United States of America 

  • University of Washington Bothell Washington, United States of America 

  • University of Massachusetts- Dartmouth
    Massachusetts, United States of America 

  • Linnaeus University 
    Växjö, Sweden

  • Deakin University
    Melbourne, Australia

  • University of Canberra
    Canberra, Australia

  • Niagara College
    Ontario, Canada

  • Hongkong Polytechnic University
    School of Nursing

    Hongkong, People's Republic of China 

  • Thammasat University 
    Bangkok, Thailand

  • Ubon Ratchathani University
    Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

  • Oita University
    Oita, Japan

  • Tottori College of Nursing
    Tottori, Japan

Local and international linkages/consortia impact and influence the professional growth of the students and faculty of the College. Through the student mobility programs, participants were provided with the opportunity to enhance their understanding of cross-cultural health and nursing care. The range of experiences enhances global outlook, cultural sensitivity, communication skills, employability, leadership, adaptation and interpersonal skills and allows the establishment of life-long friendships. Faculty members, through mentoring programs, grow in knowledge and skill competencies; and gain insight into best practices.

The College of Nursing welcomes the establishment of Inbound and Outbound Student Mobility programs; Inbound and Outbound Faculty Mobility programs; Research mentoring/collaborations among faculty members; International conference/seminar scholarship or partnership programs.


Here are some of our previous program partners: 


Student mobility programs 
The Oita University Japan, Gyeongju University South Korea, Deakin University Australia, Fudan University Shanghai


Visiting professor program 

Gyeongju University South Korea (Two academic years)


Research mentoring/ collaboration program

Duke University School of Nursing, North Carolina

UBRU University, Thailand


English program for nurses

Gyeongju University nursing students in 2011 and 2012 

(4-month semester-abroad program)

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