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welcome to our Second Home

Our campus is one of the most-photographed and historical in Asia.

Our building, the training ground of global health care professionals. 


The Medicine Building is home to the College of Nursing, the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and the College of Rehabilitation Sciences. 

The College of Nursing occupies the right wing of the building, with 25 classrooms, two auditoriums, two skills laboratory complexes with its own demo rooms; a simulation room; two informatics laboratories; the anatomy, microparasitology, chemistry and medical physics laboratories; offices for the research board, international relations and student organizations; and a multipurpose connecting hall.

Shared building facilities include the Medicine Cinematorium and the Health Sciences Library at the 4th floor, and the Cafeteria at the ground floor. 


The newly-built Simulation Room features a high-fidelity patient care simulator, named Apollo. Learn more about this teaching-learning innovation and how you can help support the Skills Laboratory.


Besides the purely academic facilities, students of UST are entitled, subject to existing rules and regulations, to the free use of designated communal spaces, the open fields, chapels, libraries and its cafes, the Museum, gymnasiums, auditoria, and facilities of the sports complex. 

The UST Publishing House Bookstore, Post and Bank facilities are also available to students within the campus.

The University maintains Domus Mariae Residence for visitors and guests, while the alumni center hosts a formal ballroom, hotel and spa.

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