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we do things Together as a Family

Our Traditions are good reasons for why so many choose to be part of
the Thomasian Nursing family


We enter and exit The Arch hand-in-hand It's UST Tradition to enter the Arch as Freshmen and exit as Seniors, complete with a welcoming and send-off party

We bond over our difficulties From the stress of organic chemistry up to the printing of your final thesis manuscript, your block mates have your back

We monitor the weather Because going to school in an all-white uniform during a downpour isn't easy, but we carry it well

We learn how to cook For nutrition and diet therapy class, we bring our culinary skills to try our hand at preparing meals for specific patients

We starch our aprons and polish our shoes The Capping & Pinning Ceremonies is a rite of passage we go through in 2nd year to signify the start of actual patient care

We "Meet the Parents" We have Homeroom periods with our faculty advisers. And an annual Parent-Teacher Conference too.

We do camp-ins and sleepovers Our classroom is the world. We have a community immersion program in 3rd year, and we go on retreat before graduation

We do early-morning and late evenings Our duty hours have us up running at 6 AM, and our case presentations keep us up at night. But we conquer!

We share the joy of "firsts" First scrub-in for surgery, first newborn delivery, first immunization and many other firsts are shared in good company

We travel like pros We visit our partner schools and go on cultural exchange trips. We not only learn, we also get to enjoy the experience of travel

We party for one week straight During Nursing week, we let loose. We eat. We dance. We throw on some color. And we celebrate!

We work through our (shift) differences We go on AM/PM/Night shifts for the Practicum and go on duty with hospital staff. This is as real as it gets!

We GIVE it to GOD Because the family that prays together, conquers together!

We prepare for and pass the boards together From enrichment classes to the intensive review program, to the oath taking.

We celebrate Christmas like no other We usually throw a pre-party before the Paskuhan. To bond and be merry!

Photo credit: We would like to acknowledge the photography team of the Nursing Central Board of Students, RED Images, Mr. Dan Buenaventura, MMI Nursing Group, Ms. Laarnie Lazalita, Mr. Michael Angelo Reyes, Jana Francisco, Ma. Brisbane Escalada

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