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our pioneering BSN program

From the Philippines' first, to one of the World's best.

The first Nursing Educational Program in the country was offered by this University as Escuela de Practicantes in 1879. The present course offering is the Philippines’ first Basic Collegiate Baccalaureate Programme instituted in February 12, 1946.  

​The four-year curriculum is outcome-based, and designed to prepare a professional nurse to render nursing care to individuals, families, and groups in any setting, at any stage of the health-illness continuum. It includes general education courses, professional courses, related learning experience and a research project.


General Education Courses essentially prepare the students for the study of Language and Humanities; Mathematics, Natural Science and Information Technology; Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Mandated Courses and Theology. 

Rev. Fr. Francisco del Rio, regent of UST Medicine, who knew the education of the physician, both academic and clinical- worked with Sor Taciana Trinanes of the San Juan de Dios Hospital, to lay down the foundation of the Philippines' first Basic Collegiate Baccalaureate Program.  

Rev. Fr. Francisco del Rio, OP & Sor Taciana Trinanes, DC
Founding Regent and Directress of the UST School of Nursing


Professional Courses prepare the students to the subfields of nursing such as: Theories and Fundamentals of Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Maternal and Child Nursing, Community Health and Communicable Disease Nursing, Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, Professional Adjustment and Nursing Leadership and Management.


Related Learning Experience provides the students teaching-learning opportunities designed to develop the competencies of students utilizing processes in various health situations. These could be sourced from, but not limited to: lying-in clinics, schools, industrial establishments, community, out-patient clinics and general and specialty hospitals.


Research Project enables students to apply research skills, from conceptualization of a research topic to data gathering, writing and presentation of findings through a thesis defense. Dissemination of the research study is also part of the program through a research conference and translation of the research project in to a publishable format.  The students are given two terms to finish their research project. ​ 

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