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our Hallmark is in our Training

Our program aims to produce a fully functioning nurse who is scientifically informed, socially aware, and technically competent to work in any setting.


Academically competent

A nurse who pursues high level of academic performance and promotes practices that values academic excellence and apply theory and skills to professional context.

An excellent client care provider 

A nurse who brings Christ/ God at the bedside in rendering safe and quality care based on established legal, ethical, professional and technical norms and standards.

Creative and critical thinker and researcher

A nurse who demonstrates exceptional ability in analysing and synthesizing new ideas through utilization of appropriate methods and corpuses of data in solving problems.

Spiritually empowered

A nurse who exercises his/her profession with deep commitment to the teachings of the Christian faith and the Catholic Church inspired by St. Dominic and St. Thomas’ Aquinas’ ardor and devotion; nurturing their spiritual life with prayers, the sacraments and related religious activities and striving to be a courageous Christian witness in the performance of their duties.

An effective communicator

A nurse who displays literacy and proficiency in the ethical and legal process, as well as the use and relay of information.

A pro-active collaborator

A nurse who values positive relationships with inter-, intra- and multidisciplinary and multi- cultural teams.

A competent, compassionate, committed ethical leader

A nurse who imbibes the epitome of a genuine professional; leads by example and effectively collaborates with team members

An enthusiastic, life-long learner

A nurse who engages in multidisciplinary learning for the pursuit of holistic, personal and professional development.

A socially-responsive Filipino citizen

A nurse who is aware and understands oneself, others and the interrelationships of  political, economic, social, cultural, technological and environmental aspects, who takes responsibility of oneself and the welfare of others, and who takes pride in one’s heritage.

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