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Supporting the Skills Lab

What is the Clinical Skills Lab? 


"Clinical skills laboratories are educational facilities that ...provide a safe and protected environment in which the learner can practise clinical skills before using them in real clinical settings. These skills laboratories help to ensure that all students acquire the necessary techniques and are properly assessed before practising on real patients. They support the acquisition, maintenance and enhancement of the clinical skills of students in the healthcare profession." (Abdulmohsen H. Al-Elq, 2007)

UST Nursing has two designated Skills Labs, in the 1st and 6th Floor of the Medicine Building.

What is Simulation? 


A teaching strategy that creates a situation or environment to allow persons to experience a representation of a real event for the purpose of practice, learning, evaluation, testing, or to gain understanding of systems or human actions. Simulations allow students to intervene safely and learn the consequences of their clinical decisions with the help of simulators. This is why the College of Nursing has decided to incorporate the rapidly-advancing pedagogy into the curriculum. Because simulation helps students learn without compromising patient safety. 

Who is Apollo? 


CAE's Apollo is the fully wireless and tetherless, high-fidelity adult patient simulator with a modeled physiology. That means he breathes, beats, bleeds, and blinks to simulate both normal and abnormal patient reactions.

He was flown in to help students of all levels. Level I students can learn normal physiology while junior and senior students can run more complicated medical emergencies all in a couple of clicks. Apollo comes with built-in clinical scenarios which faculty members can customize according to the needs of their clinical discussion, and to the pace of student learning. 

The purchase of Apollo and the iPad units for the Mobile Sim Project

was made possible through the generous support of 

  • University of Santo Tomas

  • UST Nursing Alumni International

  • UST Nursing Alumni Illinois

  • UST Nursing Alumni Florida


  • UST CON Spirit of 77

  • UST CON Class '73

  • Mr. Phil Mangahas

  • Mr. Ray Gapuz

  • Ms. Blanquita Bonifacio 

  • Ms. Merlita Velasquez

  • Ms. Wilma Boado-Salvador' 71

  • Ms. Malou Manalang-Dimalanta, '79

  • Ms. Nanita Lim-Sulit

  • Ms. Nora Tsai, F. Viado, & De Chaves, '79 

  • Ms. Estelle Magtipay, '79

Interested to help?


There are lots of ways you can support College innovations.
You can help initiate fundraising activities for facility improvement, new equipment or supplies. Or choose to donate necessary medical supplies or learning materials for use in the laboratory.


If you are interested, please reach out and contact:

The Office of the Dean

The UST Nursing Alumni Association, Inc.

Our big thanks to all alumni sponsors and donors! 

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